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This is my first drawing on a Galaxy Tab. I just used my right index finger to create this doodle-style drawing. I came across an article about a 90-year-old grandmother who started drawing on an iPad three years ago. I was deeply moved by her initiative and beautiful artworks.... Singapore is a highly developed first world nation. During the early years of Singaporean independence, they sought... when you are unpopular and when your disapproval ratings are at an eye-watering 73%, as are his, point the finger at the real... comes first for better or worse hes married to the game like a fuck you for christmas hes gift is a curse forget the earth... middle finger i think i gotta tear in my eyes i feel like the king of my world haters can hate without bee stingers no more... the first round of the NW Arkansas Championship, Friday, Sept. 29, 2023, in Rogers, Ark. ROGERS, Ark. (AP) — LPGA Tour... Seeking her first LPGA Tour victory, the 22-year-old South Korean player was the LPGA Q-Series medalist last year. “It’s... 11 And the Spirit, stooping earthward, 12 With his finger on the meadow 13 Traced a winding pathway for it, 14 Saying to it... 31 And the smoke rose slowly, slowly, 32 Through the tranquil air of morning, 33 First a single line of darkness, 34 Then... I will go straight, then, down the stairs, and hail the first taxi and drive to Jinny.' Look at the street now that... if we blink or look aside, or turn back to finger what Plato said or remember Napoleon and his conquests, we inflict on the world... fine finger finish fire firm first fiscal fish fit fitness fix flag flame flash flat flavor flee flight flip float flock floor flower fluid flush fly foam focus fog foil fold follow food foot force forest forget fork fortune forum forward fossil foster... the first tiramisu. But 40 years ago, in a small Italian town, no one, especially Carminantonio Iannaccone, apparently... You know who he is?" said Iannaccone, stabbing his finger in the air. "He invent the telephone. The credit will come." The... 믿지 않는, 못 믿겠다는 듯 [ ɪn
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